amber ale gravity test

OG 1.049 Amber Ale
By the time I was done brewing Saturday night, it was about 12:30AM. I couldn’t pitch the yeast yet because the wort was still way too hot. I left it outside with the lid on for about an hour or so but that didn’t help much. I decided to just bring it back in and pitch the yeast in the morning.

I checked the temp again in the morning and saw that it was at 80 degrees. I also did another gravity test to compare it to the initial and I’m glad I did. There was a difference of 7 points between the two tests. The most recent one is just about where I want it to be The target is 1.050, and my actual reading is 1.049.

I think this will turn out just fine. I’m already thinking about what I can do to enhance this beer. I plan on dry hoping with some Hallertau hops. I really do enjoy the aroma that Hallertau hops have. Hmmmn…could there be an all Hallertau brew in the future? Possibly!