HERMS Kettle Conversion – Update 1

Quick update on the HERMS kettle conversion. My last post on the HERMS concluded with a dead drill battery and me calling it quits for the day. Since then, my battery completely recharged and I completed the coil installation. Here’s a pic of the coil installed using compression fitting bulkheads.


 A word of advice: Install the compression fittings on the coil FIRST and then feed the bulkhead connections through the holes. It’s a lot easier than trying to tighten the nuts with large wrenches and very little room.

The external connections are 1/2″ female camlocks for quick connecting/disconnecting. I picked up these camlocks at proflowdynamics.com. They are reasonably priced and make brew day much easier.


Next will be a leak test followed by a mock boil/mash setup. I’ll do the polishing last since I’m anxious to see this thing in action!