recreating a good ale

I’ve been working on creating an ale recipe that will hopefully taste like one of my very first ales. The problem with this is the first ale was a kit that is made with cans of hopped malt extract. The varieties of hops used are not listed and I have no idea what the malt mixture is, but I’m determined to recreate this beer.

I’ve been doing some research on hop varieties and what their characteristics are when added at various times of boil. Since the ale I’m trying to brew is not very bitter, I’m looking to use hops that are low in alpha acids and have a great aroma. I’ve decided to use mainly Kent Goldings with small amounts of Fuggles and Hallertau. I’ll use most of the Hallertau in the dry hopping process.

I paid my local homebrew supply store a visit this weekend to pickup the ingredients I need. Since there is a global hop shortage, the amount of hops I can purchase is limited. I picked up a couple of ounces of Hallertau and Kent Goldings along with some extract and Nottingham ale yeast. The recipe will call for about 5 ounces of hops total, but that’s ok because I have a secret stash. I started to order a couple ounces of miscellaneous hops whenever the need to refresh supplies came about. They are shipped in vacuum sealed packages and they are kept cool.

When’s brew day? Next Saturday! I’ll also be bottling the Belgian wheat that’s been sitting in one of my carboys for a few weeks.

That’s pretty much all I have for now. I’ll be back later this week.