Homebrewing Hose Clamps

OK – lesson learned here and I’m sharing with all of you. I experienced a minor catastrophe during a recent brew session. I was brewing an all-grain chocolate oatmeal stout and everything was going my way. I was hitting my mash temps, keeping up with cleaning, had plenty of cold beer to enjoy – all was right with the world.

This was also the first time I was using some new equipment: silicon hoses, quick connect camlocks, and my new plate chiller. The boil completed and I let the whirlpool rest. I started to slowly transfer the wort from the brew kettle through my plate chiller and into the fermenter. Catastrophe struck about three minutes into the transfer. The silicon hose attached to the out port camlock on the pump slipped off of the fitting and 200 degree wort was just spilling everywhere. I quickly closed the ball valve on the kettle. I lost about a gallon or so.

I really learned two lessons here:

  1. Add a ball valve to the pump so the flow can be controlled there.
  2. Always, and I mean ALWAYS use clamps on your hoses. Yeah – that sucked.

I found some of the stainless steel clamps and used one of those to keep things secure. OK – so what’s the point of this post? Well I want to show off some of these awesome clamps I picked up from Amazon. I hate those stainless clamps – they look like shit and they get in the way if you need to unscrew something with a host attached to it. I knew which clamps I wanted but I had a hard time finding them. They are single bond nylon hose clamps. The size that works for my setup is 3/4″ with a minimum ID of .730 and a maximum OD of .830.


A box of 25 cost about 12 bucks with shipping from clipsandfasteners.com. Totally worth it. The one con is that they are a bit of a pain in the ass to take off, but I don’t plan on removing them that often.

Here’s what they look like installed – much better than those stainless steel things.